7 Reasons Why The Flash Writers Need to Reboot their Creative Gene

1. All the main villains in The Flash are speedsters. Season 1 was the Reverse Flash. Season 2 is Zoom and Season 3 is Savitar.
Please no more speedsters! Just let them walk at a normal pace.

2. The big reveal of who the hidden speedsters are. Every season, we never know the real identity of the Villain Speedster. It took near to the end to get a reveal. Eobard Thawne was hidden behind the mask of Wells. Zoom was behind Jay Gerrick and Savitar well behind a clunky suit.
Would love for a villain to finally be upfront from episode 1 and be proud of his own face. Wear your villainy with pride!

3. The on and off Love between Barry and Iris. Seriously from the beginning, he loves her, does she love him? Then now will they marry or not? Seriously never have a couple been this unlucky in love.
Can I suggest just dropping by the courthouse and get married within the hour without the festivities? Seriously you guys know that anything can happen in your universe right? This should not be a matter of procrastination!

4. Instead of playing Where’s Waldo, play Where’s Wally?
Give the guy something better to do instead of just sticking him in there in a random scene. He is the most forgettable character ever and it’s not even his fault!

5. Enough pep talks!
You know that saying More action, less talking. It applies here. In real life, no one takes that much time to drill meaningful-conversations-meant-to-be-bonding-sessions.

6. Time for a Barry makeover.
Future Barry and Savitar had a much better coif than our Barry. That current up swept do that he does is getting old and does he really make speedster time to do that? Let’s move on from the nerdy do to a more current do.

7. How is star labs financed? How does these people survive? Do they have a salary? Is there an allowance? Who’s paying them? Who owns Star Labs? Who pays the rent and all the expensive equipment? And the most important question – Who feeds the meta prisoners and do they get toilet breaks?
I know these are trivial questions to a superhero show meant to be enjoyed. But I just like to feel that it’s possible to live in the show that I could possibly be living a show. But I can’t sleep at night and I need to know!

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