Barry Allen is Savitar. Stupid much?

So it is now revealed that Barry Allen is Savitar after all. And he is the future Flash. This is so freaking stupid and a lot of it do not make sense.

1. Future yucky Barry Allen is supposedly from a life deprived of love. That would mean he is from an alternate time line, correct? Because if he is from this time line he grew up with a lot of love around him.

2. And if he became who he is because his loved ones are killed, erm, didn’t he travel back in time to do exactly that? Thus depriving himself of love. To become Savitar. By torturing the current Flash. So that he will have a friend to go to therapy with. Yeah. Ok.

3. The show keep throwing it in our faces that Savitar knows their every move their every detail because he has lived it. But has he??? If he is from a different timeline, how would he even know the details of their lives?

4. Come on now? Have we really run out of good quality villains that now the hero must also be the villain?

So to be clear –> Present Flash went to the Future to find out how to defeat Savitar from the Future Flash who still had no idea who Savitar is then go back to Present Flash to finally figure out the clues which we audience already figured out many many episodes ago, that Savitar is the Future Future Flash. Should Present Flash go to Future Flash now to tell him to keep his cool and don’t turn evil by becoming Future Flash who is going back in time to kill Iris and then becoming mopey Future Flash. I need a chill pill.

So I’m thinking name tags are needed yes? With smiley face for good Flashes, sad faces for bad Flashes and a red face for Hot Flashes.

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