Snark aside, Orphan Black is pretty awesome!

I am finally caught up with Orphan Black and up soon, in June 2017, will be the premiere of the fifth and final episode of Orphan Black.

These are the reasons why I would like to be the honorary member of Clone Club even if I look nothing like them!

1. Helena. Yes the psychotic killer tops my list. Far be it, I may never be able to kill a person, she makes it look so enticing! I almost put it in my list of things to be when I grow up.
Pros – I know she can watch my back and I have a personal assassin. That IS the coolest thing EVER.
Cons – I am not sure if my grocery budget is enough to cover this relationship.

2. Alison. Just as much of a killing machine as Helena, she is however much more hygienic about it.
Pros – She can do my taxes and clean my house. Nuff said.
Cons – I don’t know if I can push out any form of soccer mom or ball out of me.

3. Cossima. She is just so likeable, is she not? She can seriously make me give blood even if I don’t want to! If someone can do that, there’s a lil bit of psychotic in her and I like it.
Pros – If I need her to analyse my shit, she’d do it with a smile. You won’t.
Cons – English, please! Me no understand DNA talk…

4. Sarah. Sure, why not but I’m a little hesitant. (see Cons)
Pros – She’s great to party with? You just can’t coz you have to drive her home. That’s a con isn’t it?
Cons – She might er take my wallet?

5. Beth. She’s dead.
Pros – She’s dead.
Cons – She’s still haunting me.

If you have never watched this show, give it a shot. Great lines, great acting and its so hard to believe that they are all played by 1 person which amounts to a chockful of talent.

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