Assassin’s Creed’s Hit The Head Moment

I enjoyed the movie up till when the Assassins went to retrieve the Apple at that building. Him sneaking up and just assassinating the guy in front of so many people don’t make sense! I was actually expecting the daughter to do it because then no one would think twice about her walking up. Yet a roomful of Templars and their security did not notice an Assassin in their midst.

It was an anticlimactic ending definitely. Maybe it should have just ended when they escape with a promise to go after the apple in the next movie.

Few other things that bothered me:-

1. The Assassins law thingy – nothing is true, and everything is permitted. What the hell does that mean? That is broadest of broadest statements and it sounds like they condone crime, evil etc.

2. The Animus. Having him act out all the memories, he pretty much had to climb a very tall building. In real life, he’s bound to get a painful knock on the head when he reach the top, no?

3. So very serious! No humor, no fun, where are all the good one liners?

4. Where are all the assassins? We see 2-3 in the flashbacks and no other assassins came to his aid even when he is surrounded at the end. So when the mom said you are never alone, that falls under Nothing is True. In real life, we end up with just three after one died so quickly. The Templars had a whole building full of followers who are very good at running out. Surely the membership to the Assassin’s Creed is more substantial?

Could have been better, and more satisfying.

by Olivia Reed

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